How to make flower seed bombs

Who doesn’t like flowers?! The Colours, amazing ¬†fragrance, bee food and each beautifully unique! ¬†Guaranteed to bring a smile when feeling a bit blue. As pretty as flowers might be, they do need some TLC. There are years I’ll plant more then others, depending on how busy my summer is going to be. Love having flowers in my yard, but one can also share the gift of flowers with those around them!¬†This is why we had to share this cool flower seed bomb idea we found with with! Such a cool thing to do and also a fun project to do with the kids!

Link Below

Happy Flowers!




Easy DIY Christmas ornament

Been a little while since anything has been posted. It’s always a busy time of the year trying to get ready for Christmas!

Just wanted to post a fun little project I did with my girls this year, ¬†You can find these ornaments at Doller tree, Michael’s or in other craft stores near you!

It’s important not to let the busyness of the season get in the way of building these wonderful traditions with your children! ¬†As much as my children love opening presents on Christmas Day, the one thing they truly remember is our family time and the traditions we’ve built! Christmas eve service, crafts, baking, driving around in the evening with a hot chocolate and looking at the Christmas lights… These are the things that will last and stay in their hearts.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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15 Creatively Genius DIY Wood Walls

Wood walls are all the rave and I can understand why! A beautiful addition to any home, that’s for sure! Very excited to be adding a wall like this to our home in the new year! Below you’ll find a link to some DIY wood walls, you might just find the perfect ¬†design for your home.


15 Creatively Genius DIY Wood Walls



What a lovely idea for a Christmas tree ornament!


Handmade Star Wire Ornament

How To Store Fresh Herbs

I LOVE fresh herbs, but the only thing that keeps me from buying more is that they don’t last very long once you get them home from the store or out of the garden! I was so happy when I discovered this little trick! I’m amazed at how well it works, so nice to be able to store more and have the herbs stay fresh longer! Just a side note, I only use filtered water.

Link below with info on how to store your fresh herbs.


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