Gift Wrapping Ideas

Anyone else out there enjoy wrapping gifts? It’s become a real art and the end results can be amazing! Here are some fun gift wrapping ideas, only downfall is that the gifts have to be opened after all that work, But still worth it and sure to bring a smile to your family and friends!

Happy Wrapping!




It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! Let the decorating begin!


21 Rustic Christmas Decorations, Keep It Simple

Young Living Christmas Cheer

I’m pretty sure by now everyone has heard of Young Living Oils? If you haven’t taken the time to research how amazing these products are, I would greatly suggest that you do!

Being that the Christmas season is just around the corner, we wanted to share a link with some info on the amazing blends to try for the holidays.



Holiday Cheer with a Diffuser

This really works!

Just wanted to give an update on how well my fresh herbs have been keeping in the refrigerator! Got some parsley and peppermint 10 days ago and still just as fresh as the first day I got it!  Normally it wouldn’t be in my fridge this long but I just wanted to test and see how long they would keep and I’m so impressed!

Day 1


Day 10



If you missed the previous post about this the link on how to do this is below.


Fun hair trick


Love Instagram for this very reason, you can find the most amazing tutorials on there!! Have a look at this cool video below.

Happy hair styling!