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Building these adorable teddies is as easy as 1 2 3🎉 🐯🦁🐴🐰🦄#diy #teddies #teddy #video #bear🐻 #birthday #birthdayparty

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amazing benefits of this mysterious pink salt lamp.

If you don’t have a Himalayan salt lamp in your home you might want to read up on the amazing health benefits! Such as:

Blood disorders
Skin problems
Respiratory issues



This is What Happens to Your Lungs, Brain and Mood When You Get a Himalayan Salt Lamp







Young Living Christmas Cheer

I’m pretty sure by now everyone has heard of Young Living Oils? If you haven’t taken the time to research how amazing these products are, I would greatly suggest that you do!

Being that the Christmas season is just around the corner, we wanted to share a link with some info on the amazing blends to try for the holidays.



Holiday Cheer with a Diffuser


Check out “Teddy Mountain Lloydminster & Canada” facebook page! These sew free kits come equipped with everything you need to build your very own teddy bear. We have a wide range of plush and accessories to choose from. Our kits are a great activity ideas for:
-Playschool & Day home events
-Birthday parties
-Gift ideas
-Corporate Christmas parties
Below you’ll find new items that will be added to our online store November 2016!!

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