How to make flower seed bombs

Who doesn’t like flowers?! The Colours, amazing  fragrance, bee food and each beautifully unique!  Guaranteed to bring a smile when feeling a bit blue. As pretty as flowers might be, they do need some TLC. There are years I’ll plant more then others, depending on how busy my summer is going to be. Love having flowers in my yard, but one can also share the gift of flowers with those around them! This is why we had to share this cool flower seed bomb idea we found with with! Such a cool thing to do and also a fun project to do with the kids!

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Happy Flowers!




Ways to keep your succulents alive

Having problems keeping them succulent plants alive? These little guys seem to have a mind of their own! My daughter and I found this out over the past year! Over half the plants died, I think we might’ve started out with more plants then we could handle, but it’s pretty easy to get addicted to these beautiful little plants!  If you’ve never  owned a succulent plant, I suggest starting with just a few and learn the ins and outs of keeping these little guys alive, once you’ve mastered that, add more to your collection, it won’t take long before you become a master at making sure they stay strong and grow! You’ll find  succulents highly addicting!  They Truly Are Beautiful Little Plants.

Some helpful  information found on link below!

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Waiting On Spring!

When the month of  February hits,  I just want the snow to melt so I can get started on my little garden area! I don’t know about you, but I love gardening and watching those amazing seeds products fruits and vegetables! At times the waiting game isn’t fun!  Weeks can seem like an  eternity  while waiting for that first little vegetable to come forth, but once it does…. it becomes one glorious sight! So worth the wait! The rest of the plants seem to follow after that! Just wish our Canadian summer was longer.

Can’t wait to share our gardening adventures with you this summer!

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