What’s holding back millennials?

Take 15 mins and watch video below!

I’m so happy we haven’t given our youngest girls phones yet and from time to time they get upset with us for this cause all their friends have phones. I love how they can read books for hrs on end, actually play with toys and use their imagination. Don’t get me wrong, they have Ipads and love being on them, but there are days they don’t even ask to use them, I love that!
In our home we still sit down for dinner as a family, no phones.. just real conversation! Our time at the dinner table can last up to two hours and I wouldn’t trade that for the world!
As parents we’ve created this busy life and it’s not right that our children are suffering for it, I don’t want my daughters to run to social media for help, I want them to know that it’s ok to sit down and share with Mom and Dad when things aren’t going well or they have questions and I love how my girls still do this! It might be hard to make time for some of this or put that phone down for a few hrs, but trust me…. it’s so worth it!!



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