Been making  Kombucha beverages for about half a year now and don’t like running out of this wonderful treat!

There are amazing benefits that come from drinking Kombucha ( link below) but I’ll warn you, it might be something your taste buds won’t like….. but fear not! There are so many ways to add flavour and I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one that will change your mind about this healthy beverage.

Some of my favourite combinations: lemon-ginger, orange- lemon,  strawberry- lemon, peach- orange, apple, mango. I use organic  fruit juices, One can also use fresh fruit!

Happy Kombucha!

img_6123 img_6129 img_6131 img_6133 img_6135 img_6137 img_6143 img_6145 img_6147 img_6148

How to:


Benefits from drinking Kombucha:





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